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  • May 26, 2011

    Home Defense Tips: How to Use a Tactical Flashlight -4


    You awake in the darkness with the sinking feeling that something is wrong. 

    You begin to hear noises that you cannot attribute to your pets, or your home’s rightful inhabitants. And then, from right outside your bedroom door, you hear the rough whispers of two men arguing over which room to go into next. Your initial response to a home invasion is to call 911, retrieve your weapon and grab your flashlight — if you have enough time.

    It’s humbling to consider that your life (and the lives of those in your care) could rely, in part, on a bulb, a bit of wiring and some batteries. But sometimes, it comes down to something just that simple.

    So What Light Do You Need?
    First and foremost you want the brightest light possible, to blind and disorient any home invaders and to better see what you are doing during an emergency. Lights with a strobe feature are even more disorienting. With today’s super-bright LED technology, and long-life lithium batteries, a light that can fit in the palm of your hand can pack enough wattage to destroy someone’s night vision and send them reeling, but it can also sit on a shelf for years of worry-free readiness.

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  • May 19, 2011

    Experts Warn that Grizzly Bear Attacks Will Increase-3


    Some wildlife biologists believe there will be a greater-than-average number of grizzly attacks this year.  According to officials with the Alaska State Department of Fish and Game, the state just had its first bear attack of 2011.

    "As far as I know, this is the first significant incident of the year," said Gordy Williams, who is a special assistant with the Department.

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  • May 18, 2011

    Centers For Disease Control Releases its Guidelines for a Zombie Apocalypse-3


    On Monday the Center of Disease control released a list of guidelines on how to survive an uprising from the living dead (no, the zombie apocalypse is not upon us, so put your zombie guns back in the gun safe … at least for now.)

    The CDC post was written by Assistant Surgeon General Ali Khan and gives helpful advice such as "Once you've made your emergency kit, you should sit down with your family and come up with an emergency plan … this includes where you would go and who you would call if zombies started appearing outside your doorstep. You can also implement this plan if there is a flood, earthquake or other emergency."

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  • May 16, 2011

    Oregon Man Dies of Hypothermia Just Three Miles from Town-1


    Three miles outside of Marion Forks, Oregon, Jerry William McDonald went through a 68-day ordeal that ultimately ended in his death from hypothermia and starvation.

    The question on many people’s lips is simply, “Why didn’t he just walk back to town?”

    Authorities say that McDonald was a transient, and estranged from his family. But he was not without resources.  When the 68-year-old Oregon man got his pickup stuck in the snowy backwoods, he still had gallons of water, extra fuel and warm clothes, but not enough food to sustain him for the length of his ordeal. He also had $5,000 in cash, a jack for his truck, and chains on his tires.

    McDonald kept a journal of his struggle, but he never clearly said why he was staying put. Perhaps the vehicle was his home, and he did not want to abandon it. Perhaps he was simply waiting for help.

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  • May 11, 2011

    Bear Attacks: Lone Males Kill More People Than Females With Cubs-6


    You somehow got between a surly old she-bear and her cubs. What do you do?
    Well, for starters, know that it could be worse. You could be staring down a hungry young boar.
    That’s one conclusion of a century’s worth of fatal bear attacks, reported today in Toronto’s Globe and Mail. Investigators with the University of Calgary, Brigham Young University and the Massachusetts Fish and Game studied 59 fatal black bear incidents across North America from 1900 to 2009 and arrived at these surprising findings:

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  • May 10, 2011

    Rita Chretien Rescued After 7 Weeks in the Nevada Wilderness-1


    How long do you think you could survive alone in the mountains with limited food, water and shelter. Three weeks? A month?

    How about seven weeks?
    It’s a story of grit, courage, unexpected survival and celebration of the impossible. In a nutshell, a Canadian woman stranded for seven weeks in one of the most remote reaches of the West was found emaciated but alive. She lost between 30 and 40 pounds but survived on a diet of snowmelt and trail mix, according to the Huffington Post.

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  • May 10, 2011

    Never Get Lost Again-3


    The happy ending to the story of the Boy Scouts lost in Arkansas last week serves as a reminder of a crucial element to wilderness survival: Lost-proofing onself.

    Getting lost is one of the foremost ways people wind up in survival situations in the outdoors. It happens all the time, and it’s probably happened to most of us, whether we are willing to admit it or not. I’ve been a little lost before. It’s terrible, and the worst part is how stupid you feel.

    But here’s the good news: Getting lost is usually easily preventable. How do you avoid getting lost?

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  • May 9, 2011

    Are You Prepared for Retaliation?-9


    Photo by Hamid Mir

    It took 10 years, and Lord only knows how much money, but Osama bin Laden is finally dead. While this victory brings most Americans a sense of justice, it also reminds us anew of the pain of 9/11, and it makes us wonder whether there will be some sort of backlash by those loyal to bin Laden. Al-Qaida has already warned of retaliation, saying that America's "happiness will turn to sadness."  

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  • May 4, 2011

    Boy Scouts Stranded in Ouachita National Forest-0


    A Boy Scout troop from Lafayette, Louisiana, went missing after camping last weekend in the Arkansas Ouachita National Forest, a sprawling wilderness of 1.6 million acres with 480 miles of hiking trails.

    At first, Arkansas State Police had been unable to conduct an aerial search, due to the recent bad weather. A State Police helicopter also joined the search. But authorities weren’t able to locate the group until an Army National Guard helicopter armed with infrared cameras arrived yesterday. All the kids and group leaders were rescued safely.

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